MBBS in Nepal

Nepal is a sovereign country in South Asia. It is situated mainly in the Himalayas. But Nepal also includes parts of the Indo-Gangetic Plain. The population of Nepal is 2.91 crore. The neighboring countries are Tibet, India, and Bangladesh. The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu. It is the largest city.
The religions followed in Nepal are Hinduism, Buddhism, and others. The official currency of Nepal is the Nepalese rupee. Nepali is the official language of Nepal. Interestingly, Nepalese are fond of music and dance. Stupas are a prime example of old architecture in Buddhism.
1 Course Name MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine; Bachelor of Surgery)
2 Duration 6 years (5+1 year internship)
3 Budget $3,000 – $ 5,000 per year (2.2 lakhs to 3.7 lakhs INR per year)
4 Climate Cold and temperate
5 Language Mandarin (Chinese/English for the course)
6 Currency Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY); 1 CNY= 11.56 INR
7 Living Cost $ 150 per month (11K INR per month)

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